Warrior Cats Clans



Welcome to all new and old members! I'm Moonwillow, the owner of this site, Warrior Cats Clans! :D

 I created this site a while ago, and it's been changed a lot since I made it. I'm so excited to get roleplaying with all of you!

 To new members: I'm so happy you joined, and I can't wait to roleplay with you! A few things though:

 ~ PLEASE stay active! :)

 ~ Roleplay fairly and with the correct roleplaying criteria. Ex. (Squirrelstorm padded in and smiled at the her Clan. "Hi, everyone." She purred.)

 ~ Last thing: You'll find this in the rules down there, but respect EVERYONE; admins, mods, members, etc.

To old members: Unfortunately, while I was updating, I lost all of my information for the site, including cat descriptions. You'll notice that MoonClan, SunClan, and FireClan have all of the cats, but WaterClan and FogClan only have some of the high positions. Any lost cats that you can remember, PLEASE send them and their descriptions to me ASAP so I can re-add them to the page. 


High-Positioned Members:



~ Moonwillow 



~ Swiftheart 






~ FighterCat





 ~ Swearing and spamming is not allowed, members who do so will be removed immediately


~ Do not roleplay your cat until it has been added


~ You may have up to seven kits per litter, one pair of mates may have up to four litters


~ Members and mods may only have medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice positions; admins may have any high position


~ Medicine cats may only have mates and kits if it is regarded as "forbidden love", and it must be approved by an myself or an admin


~ NO DETAILED MATINGS! (That's just...gross)


~ Do not raid another Clan's territory without permission from the leader or deputy


~ Obey the site owner, admins, and mods


~ If your cat if wounded and the medicine cat/medicine cat apprentice is not available, please do not have any other cat tend to them


~ Do not start major roleplays (ex. "new prophecy", "battle between Clans", etc.) Unless the site owner (I REPEAT, SITE OWNER) is aware of it


~ Admins may not copy anything from other sites unless they have permission from me (Moonwillow) and the site owner of that site


~ No impersonating members or hacking


~ If there is a major prophecy going on, please do not start roleplaying a so-called "Savior". The admins and I will discuss possible cats suited for the position and will notify you immediately when confirmed


~ Only advertise your websites if you have permission from me or the head administrator


~ Only medicine cats and leaders may visit the Moonpool, leaders may be accompanied by apprentices and their mentors, but only if the leader requests it


~ Warrior and apprentice ceremonies will be performed every other Friday


~ If a leader is not on to perform a ceremony, the deputy will stand in their place, if neither are on, an admin may do it. If no one is on to do the ceremony, that Clan's will be postponed to the next day


~ Gatherings and Moonpool meetings will last for a week


~ Do not place another member's cat in a certain roleplay box if they have not done so themselves